Hi! My name is Dante Mogrim. I am a web full stack developer living in Gothenburg, Sweden. Welcome to my personal cyber nook where I’ll be sharing all kinds of development related findings as well as other fun things.

This project is both personal as well as an open source notebook. A collection of notes that will grow over time, accessible for anyone to take part of a wide range of maybe useful, perhaps comprehensive information.

An illustration of me by my desk with my laptop and my two cats and a cup of coffee.
  • I am a cat guardian to two tortie sisters named Tosca and Waffles.
  • I've worked as a tram driver for four years.
  • I was born in Monterey, California (American + Swedish parents) and came to Sweden when I was two.
  • I have a master’s degree in motion sickness.
  • I am a left handed, habitual note taker with an untamed love for lists.



General setup + hardware:

  • 💻 Macbook Pro 2019
  • ⌨️ Magic Keyboard
  • 🎙 Røde NT-USB

For this particular website:

🦨 The design is inspired by my first programming memory from 1998 when I was active in an online community called skunk.nu.

👨‍💻 This project is open source. You can find the source code here.