Buzz Words

The developer community loves their buzz words and nobody knows all of them. Here's a handy glossary of terms I've picked up so far.


🌱 Created: 11/11/2021

✏️ Updated: 31/07/2022

Author: Dante Mogrim

  • Continuous Integration & Continous Delivery / CI/CD

    Automated testing steps made when before launching code out to production. Like a car wash before it can come out all shiny on the other side (other side = production).

  • CRLF

    Control characters or bytecode that can be used to mark a line break in a text file.

  • CRUD

    Stands for Create Read Update Delete. These are the four functions considered necessary to run a persistent application.

  • CTA

    Stands for Call To Action. A term for some sort of design or prompt that encourages the user to take action somehow.

  • Epic

    A big work assignment divided into multiple smaller assignments.

  • Monorepo

    A version-controlled code repository that holds many projects.

  • Proxy

    Pretty much the same as the general definition of the word. A proxy is a representative to relieve and perform someone elses duties. In a digital sense this can be a kind of helper/reliever in the middle.

  • Spaghetti Code

    A phrase referring to unstructured and difficult-to-maintain source code.

  • Test Driven Development / TDD

    A methology that developers write tests before writing the actual code, to improve code quality.