Google Search Operators

Get better hits by tweaking your searches.


🌱 Created: 11/11/2021

✏️ Updated: 31/07/2022

Author: Dante Mogrim


Use the asterisk wildcard to represent a space that could be filled by anything.

Example: SEO * factors


Search results from social media platforms.

Example: hackernoon @twitter


Search for hashtags.

Example: #fullstack @instagram


Exclude particular word or phrase from results.

Example: cat breeds -himalayan


Shorthand version OR, described below.


If you want to search for a number between a range of numbers, place your two periods between that range. Just as I'm using , the $ sign can also be applied.

Example: macbook €50..€500

" "

Surround your search within quotation marks to get an exact match of a word or phrase.

Example: "world's first computer"


Put a search term between parenthesis to group commands.

Example: (zero w OR pico) raspberry pi


Placed between two words if ou want your results to include both.

Example: accessibility AND a11y


Search for two words that are within (X) words from each other.

Example: php AROUND(2) books


Find the latest cached (saved) version of a site.

Good for identifying when a page was last crawled.



Find the definition of a word.

Example: define:implicit


Restrict result to those of a certain filetype. Can also be written as ext:.

Hot tip when looking for documentation.

Example: design patterns ext:pdf


Added right after the word you are searching for. The dimensions are based on pixels.

Example: pixel art imagesize:16x16


Convert one unit to another. Can be currencies, weights, temperatures, etc.

Example: 1$ in SEK


Make Google show map results for a location.

Example: map:silicon valley


Show information about a specific movie. If it's currently playing at movie theaters, you'll be able to see showtimes near you.

Example: movie:hackers


Placed between two words to create two separate searches. Returns results related two one of the words or both.

Example: marathon OR competition

Find sites related to a particular website.



Search for information within a certain website or web domain.

Example: pi-hole or turtles


See stock information (price etc.) for a specific ticker.

Example: stocks:btc-usd


Find the weather report for a location by city or area.

Example: weather:gothenburg

Note that these will most likely change over time. Some of these aren't part of the official documentation but currently work as described.